Kaká Oliveira

Solutions Architect

Howdy, fellow coder! 😄

I am Karliwson Sousa, professionally known as Kaká Oliveira. Solutions Architect, Software Architect & Engineer with over 21 years of experience in the software industry. AWS Certified Solutions Architect and HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate.

Over these two decades I've developed valuable skills on a wide range of specialties and tech stacks; skills that range from UI/UX Design to Software Architecture & Engineering, Mobile Development, DevOps, Cloud Architecture, Blockchain Development, among others. Although my main specialty is Node.js, I am a language/tech-stack-agnostic engineer and I love to design and implement cutting-edge, durable solutions, end-to-end, using modern technologies, especially for cloud-based environments; from architecture to CI/CD automation.

I'm always working on interesting side projects and POCs using JS/TS, Golang, Rust or C++, as well as Cloud & DevOps projects. Feel free to take a look at the Projects section.


Click here to download my resume.